Ivan counts 24!!

This Saturday, am very sure that everyone would have rejoiced in joy.

Yeah!! It was Ivan’s birthday celebration!!

let’s tune in to hear it from Ivan!!

“Ivan, how was your 24th birthday celebration party in office?”

Ivan says, 16th June 2012… The best day of my life.. It was my Birthday and usually we have celebrations in office… and I was a part of it.

And usually the celebrant gets an opportunity to talk about their experience in the organization but when it came to me every one spoke about their experience working with me.

I dint expect such positive feed back from my other fellas and after which  I was speech less. Just got to know how much everyone loves me, cares about me, and how lucky I am to have a team as this… I also got a chance to address the gathering and also to thank them for their extended support and I even apologized to the team if I have hurt their feelings knowingly or unknowingly….  

One of our belonger Karthik had also taken up the educational slot and he spoke about motivation and also shared an amazing video… trust me that was really helpful..

Thanks to karthik..”

That was really coooooolllllll, isn’t it???!!!

Kudos to the organization for valuing each and every belonger!! \m/


Its party time – Gift Wrapped turns 7!

It was a fantastic time with a lot of fun stuffs, the celebration on 7th Anniversary of Giftwrapped. We had a great fun on those 2 days with games, swimming pool, football, Fashion Show, Singing , Dancing and much more on the first day.

                 On the second day, the much awaited and anticipated event was, the Rewards and recognition event; that was the moment for which all the belongers were waiting for.  Once they heard their name; they were in cloud nine and they  were rewarded with mementos and exciting prizes. Then, Srikanth started elaborating  the success story behind this organization and he also shared his experience in corporate field as well. Every belonger shared his/ her experience and finally the vision towards the company changed as  “To be an Name Synonymous Corporate Gifing in India” by 2015. Some mega minds were  invited as guest for this 2 day function by our organization. They were very happy and they spoke about our growth and vision. Personally,it was phenomenal day for me; as I was recognised as a “Quality Worker” it was great honour for me.Am feeling great to be associated with giftwrapped. On each and every moment of those two days; all the fellow  belongers were in cloud nine and actively participated in all the activities. There was no age bar between our belongers every one made an fantastic attempt; leaving all inhibitions behind.

                      Overall it was a memorable & enjoyable experience for every belonger. Kudos to the organization for organizing such an memorable event.

A soul stirring experience indeed, all of us took something back home after the visit…!!

It all started with a group project. We, employees of Gift wrapped at Bangalore, got down to planning our visit to the orphanage ‘Children of the World’ in Nele. Our primary motive – to pull off our group project form Gift wrapped. Little did we know, that a small experience would leave such a huge impact on each one of us, as individuals, as human beings..!

It was a Sunday morning, the logistics and list of items to be donated were in place, we had called for the kids’ entertainment was running on time, and we all had started from home in the hope of making the project a huge success. We met up at the Gift wrapped office premises in Bangalore and proceeded to the venue. The heat was at its peak, and few of us were restless already.

And then it happened. We entered a room full of children, as chirpy as the birds in a garden, as pretty as blossoming rose buds. Their eyes sparkled at the sight of a bunch of people with goodies enter into the room. A few of them mixed up with us like we visited them every week, while a few of them were sitting in the distant corner, staring straight into our eyes, piercing our souls.

Despite all their liveliness, we could somehow sense the distant pain, the longing to have someone who would not just visit them once a month or year, but take care of them forever..! It indeed moved each one of us to witness those little ones, disowned and dejected, those little ones who deserved so much more in life, who were capable of being the Kalpana Chawlas, Pratibha Patils and A.R. Rahmans of the future..!


And when we came out of the orphanage, a few of us had broad smiles on our faces while a few had shed a silent tear, and the entire Gift wrapped, who had entered the orphanage with the intention of in a project, earned something much more valuable which would indeed stay with them forever..!

“A baby is a miraculous gift from God, no matter how one receives it. Some are given the ability bear them, others the ability to rear them”

Adopt a child, not only will you help secure the future of a deserving individual, but also bring into your life loads of happiness, positivity and affection..!

Good Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are the new mantra of motivation. Over the years, it has been believed and even propounded by certain psychologists that money is the greatest motivation for employees. People work to earn and their performance can be improved by the promise of additional remuneration or bonus.
Though, money is still one of the major reasons why someone works in the first place, it is not the factor which determines the performance. After a certain level, money starts losing its sheen. An employee stays in a company because quite simply, he wants to stay there. He is happy to contribute to the company. And no one is happy if their efforts are not recognized.

This is where corporate gifts play a crucial role. Apart from the fact that the employees will be motivated, and feel acknowledged, you also stand to gain from the brand exposure. Just imagine! What will result is an increase in the brand awareness, in your company’s goodwill and aspiring applicants.
But whether to stamp your company’s logo on the products depends on two things: how expensive is the gift, and the relationship with the employee. Generally, when the gifts are less expensive, no one minds the company logo on it. This is expected. However if the product is expensive, a logo on it will lessens its charm. The best part in the latter case is that the employees ensure that every person they meet knows about your company.
And there is never a wrong time to give corporate gifts. Usually, companies give corporate gifts during the holidays round the year, but the gifts which impact the most are the ones given on personal occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. So ensure that you have got those dates noted and stored.

How do you differ from others in the samemarket place?

In a turbulent and uncertain economy where there are fewer customers with fewer pounds to spend, many customers base their decision making on one key factor – price. This obsession with the cheapest has given rise to price comparison websites where customers are encouraged to view every single provider as identical apart from their cost.

Do You Really Stand Out?

So, what makes your company different? However, despite what the supermarkets say, not everyone can be the cheapest, and being the cheapest may only be a temporary state of affairs. The most successful companies in any area have something about them that makes them stand out. One of the India’s most well-known insurance companies, Direct Line, are so confident in their service that they refuse to be included on price comparison websites.

If the answer doesn’t immediately spring to mind then put yourself in the position of a customer. Look at your brochure, your website and your corporate branded merchandise; now do the same for your competitors. Even if there is no key message from your company about what makes you different, you can bet there will be from your competitors.

The thing that makes you stand out could be almost anything. You could be the company that has been in business for generations. You might pride yourself in offering high-end products in a crowded marketplace. It may be that your staff undertake regular customer service training or that each team member is educated to become an expert in the field.

Your unique selling point should be a badge of honor for your company. You should be proud of it; after all, if you are the only company who offers a same-day delivery service, for example, how will customers know unless you tell them? Build it into your brochure, your website and your corporate branded merchandise.

Now perhaps try a little exercise? Once you’ve finished reading this go away and write 250 words that begins “What makes my company different is…”

It could be the most important thing (?) you ever write…!!