Good Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are the new mantra of motivation. Over the years, it has been believed and even propounded by certain psychologists that money is the greatest motivation for employees. People work to earn and their performance can be improved by the promise of additional remuneration or bonus.
Though, money is still one of the major reasons why someone works in the first place, it is not the factor which determines the performance. After a certain level, money starts losing its sheen. An employee stays in a company because quite simply, he wants to stay there. He is happy to contribute to the company. And no one is happy if their efforts are not recognized.

This is where corporate gifts play a crucial role. Apart from the fact that the employees will be motivated, and feel acknowledged, you also stand to gain from the brand exposure. Just imagine! What will result is an increase in the brand awareness, in your company’s goodwill and aspiring applicants.
But whether to stamp your company’s logo on the products depends on two things: how expensive is the gift, and the relationship with the employee. Generally, when the gifts are less expensive, no one minds the company logo on it. This is expected. However if the product is expensive, a logo on it will lessens its charm. The best part in the latter case is that the employees ensure that every person they meet knows about your company.
And there is never a wrong time to give corporate gifts. Usually, companies give corporate gifts during the holidays round the year, but the gifts which impact the most are the ones given on personal occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. So ensure that you have got those dates noted and stored.

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