Ivan counts 24!!

This Saturday, am very sure that everyone would have rejoiced in joy.

Yeah!! It was Ivan’s birthday celebration!!

let’s tune in to hear it from Ivan!!

“Ivan, how was your 24th birthday celebration party in office?”

Ivan says, 16th June 2012… The best day of my life.. It was my Birthday and usually we have celebrations in office… and I was a part of it.

And usually the celebrant gets an opportunity to talk about their experience in the organization but when it came to me every one spoke about their experience working with me.

I dint expect such positive feed back from my other fellas and after which  I was speech less. Just got to know how much everyone loves me, cares about me, and how lucky I am to have a team as this… I also got a chance to address the gathering and also to thank them for their extended support and I even apologized to the team if I have hurt their feelings knowingly or unknowingly….  

One of our belonger Karthik had also taken up the educational slot and he spoke about motivation and also shared an amazing video… trust me that was really helpful..

Thanks to karthik..”

That was really coooooolllllll, isn’t it???!!!

Kudos to the organization for valuing each and every belonger!! \m/


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