How do you differ from others in the samemarket place?

In a turbulent and uncertain economy where there are fewer customers with fewer pounds to spend, many customers base their decision making on one key factor – price. This obsession with the cheapest has given rise to price comparison websites where customers are encouraged to view every single provider as identical apart from their cost.

Do You Really Stand Out?

So, what makes your company different? However, despite what the supermarkets say, not everyone can be the cheapest, and being the cheapest may only be a temporary state of affairs. The most successful companies in any area have something about them that makes them stand out. One of the India’s most well-known insurance companies, Direct Line, are so confident in their service that they refuse to be included on price comparison websites.

If the answer doesn’t immediately spring to mind then put yourself in the position of a customer. Look at your brochure, your website and your corporate branded merchandise; now do the same for your competitors. Even if there is no key message from your company about what makes you different, you can bet there will be from your competitors.

The thing that makes you stand out could be almost anything. You could be the company that has been in business for generations. You might pride yourself in offering high-end products in a crowded marketplace. It may be that your staff undertake regular customer service training or that each team member is educated to become an expert in the field.

Your unique selling point should be a badge of honor for your company. You should be proud of it; after all, if you are the only company who offers a same-day delivery service, for example, how will customers know unless you tell them? Build it into your brochure, your website and your corporate branded merchandise.

Now perhaps try a little exercise? Once you’ve finished reading this go away and write 250 words that begins “What makes my company different is…”

It could be the most important thing (?) you ever write…!!


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