What is motivation? It is a need or desire that causes a person to act a certain way. Motivation comes from the root-word “movere”, which literally means “to move”. So in effect, motivation is to move oneself/others to do something.


The challenge here is that it is always hard to get someone to do something if they do not feel like doing it on their own. For best results, a person should be inspired to do something and act in a certain way.  So the best form of motivation is usually self-motivation. Self-motivation is your own ability to move yourself towards the results you most desire in your life.

If you have a high degree of self-motivation, you also have the ability to motivate others. It is crucial to identify this and champion people who are highly self-motivated and influential.  Develop a culture in the organization which promotes such self-motivation. It can not only drive individual results, but also opens up avenues where individuals can influence others as well and drive overall results up. This develops a health winning culture which is essential in an organization.

All motivation is generally directed towards a particular goal (or a purpose or result). If we can align the organizational goal with the individual goals and people are motivated towards achieving their goals, we can achieve best results for both the individual and the organization.

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